32 GB MICRO SD CARD (ไมโครเอสดีการ์ด) APACER (AP32GMCSH10U1-R)

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32 GB MICRO SD CARD (ไมโครเอสดีการ์ด) APACER (AP32GMCSH10U1-R) (6103049201)

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32 GB MICRO SD CARD (ไมโครเอสดีการ์ด) APACER (AP32GMCSH10U1-R)

Stunning performance enhances the improvement of smoothness immediately

Apacer’s micro SDXC/SDHC UHS-I Class10 memory card can quickly respond to each operation of users. Whether you use Facebook, take photos, record videos, view albums, surf the Internet, navigate maps or play games, it can bring smooth and consummate user experience to you.

   • Smooth experience: Faster response speed and smoother operation.

   • Read files quickly: Files are opened faster to shorten waiting time.

   • Enhance multitask: When multiple Apps and Widgets are activated for multitasks, performance is still assured.

   • Rich entertainment: Support Full HD 1080p video recording and 3D video recording of mobile devices to record each happy moment.

อ้างอิงจาก : https://ap.apacer.com/

32 GB MICRO SD CARD (ไมโครเอสดีการ์ด) APACER (AP32GMCSH10U1-R)


32 GB MICRO SD CARD (ไมโครเอสดีการ์ด) APACER (AP32GMCSH10U1-R) - 6103049201

Capacity 32 GB
Read Speed N/A
Write Speed N/A
Warranty Life Time


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