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HUB USB ORICO USB2.0 4 PORT (HF4U) (8101510462)

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HUB USB ORICO USB2.0 4 PORT (HF4U) (8101510462)

Smart Interactive

        The ORICO HF4U-BK is a compact and slim 4-port USB hub that adds four Super Speed USB 2.0 ports to your computer through a single USB 2.0 connection. Powered by FE2.1 controller, the ORICO HF4U-BK hub enables blazing fast data transfer for unleashing the full potential of your peripherals, as well as broad compatibility with today's operating systems and devices of USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 standards. The mini design with comfortable plastic surface makes this hub a seamless fit for your desktop or laptop. Bus powered, no external adapter required.

        Compact and Portable for Carrying.No Additional Power Adapter is needed allow a Super Easy Plug and Play Experience.All you need it plug the HUB to Computer and plug in USB Devices.No Reboot and Additional Driver or Complex Application & Installation need on any Windows,Mac or Linux Computer.If you're running out of USB Ports on your computer, ORICO HF4U-BK is an ideal solution for you to add four USB2.0 ports of computer to connect External Hard Drive,USB Flash Drive,Camera,Cell Phone,Tablet PC,Card Reader,Mouse,Keyboard,USB Network Adapter and other USB Peripherals.

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HUB USB ORICO USB2.0 4 PORT (HF4U) - 8101510462

Features ORICO 4 Ports USB 2.0 HUB
Well-made ABS material
USB2.0 Data cable available with 30cm length
R/W LED indicator
Warranty 2 Years
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