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ORICO POWER CHARGE 3.1 A (DCB-2U) WHITE (8805540224)

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ORICO POWER CHARGE 3.1 A (DCB-2U) WHITE (8805540224)

Product Introduction

      Portable 2 ORICO DCB-2U USB charger can support fast charging 2 devices, so you no longer have to worry about charging, but also to your desktop, video walls and other places will not charge messy (we do not have the time to travel with a big push of charge, and also saves the socket position, there can be arbitrarily extended line placement oh!) 
      Products directly into the outlet, the product is we provide two USB charging port, able to iPhone, iPad, MP3 / 4, etc. 2 uses USB power input of digital products at the same time, charging equipment quickly also provide protection There is a clear front LED lights indicate charging status of the device. 
      Orico DCB-2U USB Digital charger is Orico after his four DCA-4U outlet charger launched dual-port models, more flexible and more suitable for the number of interfaces required for different users. DCB-2U design two USB charging port, respectively 5V2.1A and 5V1A output specifications, can charge mobile phones and tablet devices at the same time, and still continues to charge design DCA series socket, but this DCB-2U Socket is collapsible design and better portability compared DCA series.
อ้างอิงจาก : http://www.oricothailand.com/

ORICO POWER CHARGE 3.1 A (DCB-2U) WHITE - 8805540224

Warranty 2 Years
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