CPU AMD AM3+ FX-8300 3.3 GHz

CPU AMD AM3+ FX-8300 3.3 GHz (0199002808)

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CPU AMD AM3+ FX-8300 3.3 GHz


AMD FX™ Processors

Experience unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with the industry's first 8-core desktop processor, unlocked for your overclocking pleasure.1 Push your core frequencies to the limit for the speed you crave with AMD Turbo Core technology.5 Go beyond the limits of flat-out speed with easy-to-use AMD OverDrive™ technology. Get all this impressive performance at an unbelievable price.

AMD FX™ 8-Core Processors

The industry's first native 8-core desktop processor for unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with "Bulldozer" architecture.

AMD Turbo Core Technology

AMD FX™ Processors based on the “Bulldozer” architecture come equipped with AMD Turbo Core technology.5 AMD Turbo Core technology is a performance-boosting technology that helps increase performance on the applications that need it the most.

AMD Balanced Smart Cache

  • Shared L3 cache (up to 8MB)

  • Improved scheduling and pre-fetch capabilities

  • 64-ways (16-ways/sub-cache)

  • Increased data queue sizes

  • Coherency for 8-cores  

AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator

  • Shared FP Scheduler

  • Dual 128-bit Floating point engines – capable of teaming together for 256-bit AVX instructions or operating separately with each core

Advanced Instruction Capabilities

  • AVX - Advanced Vector Extensions increase parallelism for scientific and 3D apps using heavy floating point calculations

  • FMA4 and XOP – Floating-Point Vector Multiply-Accumulate and eXtended Operations improves throughput and performance on many integer and floating point vector functions

  • AES - Advanced Encryption Standard increases performance on encryption apps like TrueCrypt® and PCMark®

HyperTransport™ Technology

Provides quick access times to system I/O for better performance.

  • One 16-bit link at up to 5600MT/s

  • Up to 8.0GB/s HyperTransport™ I/O bandwidth; Up to 16GB/s in HyperTransport Generation 3.0 mode

  • Up to 37GB/s total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth (HyperTransport bus + memory bus)

Integrated DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology

An optimized, high-bandwidth, low-latency integrated memory controller to feed more cores.

  • Supports up to DDR3-1866

  • Supports low voltage memories of 1.35V and 1.2V

  • Up to 29.9GB/s memory bandwidth for DDR3

  • Pre-Fetcher improvements

  • Direct communications to each core in Dual-Core module (APIC registers in each core)

AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology with IOMMU

These silicon feature-set enhancements are designed to improve the performance, reliability and security of existing and future virtualization environments by allowing virtualized applications direct and rapid access to their allocated memory. IOMMU is an extension to AMD64 architecture to support address translation and access protection on DMA transfers. Together, virtualization software runs more securely and efficiently enabling a better experience when dealing with virtual systems.

  • Security for User Level application and Virtual Machine guest operating system

  • Address translation and access control

  • Device isolation

  • Device assignment in virtualized systems

  • Security and trusted boot support

  • Unified interrupt management

AMD PowerNow!™ AMD Technology (Cool'n'Quiet™ Technology)

Enhanced power management features automatically and instantaneously adjust performance states and features based on processor performance requirements, helping users get more efficient performance by dynamically activating or turning off parts of the processor.

  • C6 power state flushes the cache and removes voltage from individual cores to help reduce power consumption

  • CC6 power state puts all cores in C6 into an even lower power state

    for quieter operation and reduced power requirements

  • Separate memory controller power control

  • IO-based c-state interface

  • Works automatically without the need for drivers or BIOS enablement.

  • Power can be switched on or off within a single clock cycle, saving energy with minimal impact to performance

Benefit: Helps users get more efficient performance by dynamically activating or turning off parts of the processor.

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CPU AMD AM3+ FX-8300 3.3 GHz (0199002808)

: Athlon
: AM3/AM3+
CPU Core / Thread
: N/A
: 3.5 GHz
: 3.6 GHz
: 5 GT/s
: 22nm
Cache L2
: N/A KB
Cache L3
: N/A MB
Power Peak
: N/A W
: 3 Year


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