MI (สายรัดข้อมืออัจฉริยะ) BAND 2 GLOBAL [13713] MGW4024GL

MI (สายรัดข้อมืออัจฉริยะ) BAND 2 GLOBAL [13713] MGW4024GL

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Product is in 2-hour delivery. Additional charge 500 Baht. Only in Bangkok and Metropolis area.
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MI (สายรัดข้อมืออัจฉริยะ) BAND 2 GLOBAL [13713] MGW4024GL

110 Orders
Warranty 1 - y
Free delivery

Battery capacity : 70mAh
Standby time : 20 days
Battery type : Lithium polymer
Input current : 45 mA (typ) 65mA (max)

Sensor material : Plastic, aluminum alloy
Water-resistance : IP67

Configuration : 0.42" OLED display / Bluetooth 4.2 BLE / Power-efficient accelerometer Photoelectric heart rate sensor
Material : Thermoplastic elastomer, aluminum alloy
Devices with Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 or above with Bluetooth® 4.0 support

Product description

More stats than steps
Mi Band 2 uses an OLED display so you can see more at a glance.
Simply lift your wrist* to view time and tap the button for steps and heart rate.

Calculates the spring in your step
The improved pedometer algorithm in Mi Band 2 filters out unnecessary movements. This measures steps taken and exercise more accurately.

Count every heartbeat
With a built-in motion sensor, Mi Band 2 knows exactly when you begin your workout.
You don't have to switch modes or tell it before you start. Measure your heart rate to adjust the length and intensity of workouts. Keep calm and work toward your fitness goals!

Sitting still for too long?
Idle alerts send a gentle buzz when you have been sitting still for too long.

These reminders tell you when it's time for a short walk or water break.

Unlocks in an instant
Mi Band 2 carries your unique identity.

When you are close to your Android smartphone, it unlocks instantly - no passcodes or fingerprint needed.

Incoming call and message alerts
Send notification alerts straight to the wrist so you don't miss another call, message, or notification - especially when your phone is tucked away in a bag or pocket.

IP67 splash resistant
Rinse hands or shower with Mi Band 2 without worry.
Mi Band 2 is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more.

อ้างอิงจาก : https://www.mi.com/

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