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DASH CAM (กล้องติดรถยนต์) HP F720 (BLACK)

DASH CAM (กล้องติดรถยนต์) HP F720 (BLACK)

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RESOLUTIONS : FULL HD 1080 @30FPS / HD 720 @60 / 30FPS
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DASH CAM (กล้องติดรถยนต์) HP F720 (BLACK)

Warranty 1 - y
Update lastest 2020-01-21
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  • 4.3" LCD TFT
  • Motion Detection
  • Super HD 1296p 30fps
  • 150Wide-Angle Lens
  • Collision Detection
  • ADAS
Product description



With Happiness Comes the f720
Rear-view mirror series products are well received. HP f720 records wonderfully and  intangibly. As we look forward to a kind of good products, the f720 comes in time. The design of rear-view mirror style occupies less driving horizon and brings more safety assistance. Besides, we have equipped f720 with 1296P video specification, F2.0 large aperture and 150° real wide angle. Therefore, the quality is surely excellent. f720 is also installed parking surveillance and ADAS that is how f720 can record while nipping accidents in the bud. We are proud of the products. And they are designed for the people who love their family and still struggle for better life.




60fps High-speed Videos
When machines of most people support 30fps videos, yours support 60fps which is two times the frames of mainstream machines. 60fps brings smoother video experience and makes it easier to shoot the plate numbers on high-speed cars. 1296P video specification can make images clearer with the help of the restoration of details. HP works to upgrade image quality based on professional images adjustment and precise white balance calculation.





Unique Rear-view Mirror
At HP, we seek to think out of the box and survive from the lows in the industry that is why we create a simple, light and nice f720. We work hard and meticulously in every thing we do spanning optical lens design, central screen and fluid appearance. You will be crazy about the exquisite products based on our high quality and considerate functions. HP f720 is just what we expect.



Parking Surveillance
f720 conducts parking surveillance through collision detection and motion detection. Inner three-axis gravity sensor can record and store the images before and after collision as evidences when cars are collided. HP also develops motion detection technology which on standby can automatically record people and objects before lens when cars stop. We seek to keep you safe around the clock.



Large Battery Capacity
Maybe, people don’t know that most manufactures can’t install batteries in machine due to technical limitation. HP f720 develops the battery capacity of 470 mAh. What’s more, the batteries can adapt to the exposure to sun and heat inside cars.

อ้างอิงจาก : https://hp-imagesolution.com/
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