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PRINTER 3D (เครื่องพิมพ์สามมิติ) WINBO SUPER HELPER WB-SH105 WB-SH155L (3-IN-1)

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Resolution (Microns) : 50

Print Size (mm) : 155 x 155 x 205 (6"x6"x8")

Print Speed (mm/sec) : 50 - 100

Power : 45W

Average Power : 40W (0.96kw/24hours)

Product description
For printing artwork model To make prototypes quickly without carving complex clay sculpture.
For printing household DIY models Print varieties of crating tools you like,and color your life.

Smarrt micro-factory
For 3D printing serviceProvide outsourcing and overall solutions,much faster than making prototy pes in traditional way.

Operation Interface
1. Multi-Language operation interface : Support simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,English
2. Aviation aluminum alloy knob with black coating
3. 3.2" LCD Screen : the menu more clearly visible
4. SD card printing, no need to connect the computer
Re-create a new nozzle system
1. Energy-saving design, fast heating speed (less than 2 mins)
2. Independent double cooling spaces, greatly reduce the probability of material plugging
3. Unique patent feeding system, more stable printing quality

Card type build plate : Easy to remove the build plate (Without clip)
High positioning precision, won't shake while printing

Aluminium alloy board
1. Super durable and will never be replaced
2. With calibration. convenient for locating objects

Special flexible plate
1. Easy to remove 3D printed objects
2. long life

POM injection moulding feeder
1. Wearproof
2. High precision
3. Stable feeding, ensure the printing quality

2 in 1 patent structure design of machine handle and spool holder space saving and portable
Number of design patent : ZL201630465243.2
Number of utility model patent : ZL201621147659.0

Only 3.7 kg. portable, and easy to take it away

Opening moulds for the whole machine
1. Easy to disassemble
2. Greatly improves the printing quality
3. Standardization, batch Production, quality
4. adopt ABS engineering plastic, strong structure and high precision
อ้างอิงจาก : https://item.winbo.top
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