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CASE FAN (พัดลมเคส) NZXT AER RGB2 120 SINGLE PACK (HF-28120-B1)

CASE FAN (พัดลมเคส) NZXT AER RGB2 120 SINGLE PACK (HF-28120-B1)

Sub description

DIMENSION 120 X 120 X 26 MM

CASE FAN (พัดลมเคส) NZXT AER RGB2 120 SINGLE PACK (HF-28120-B1)

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Update lastest 2020-12-10
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  • CAM-powered for seamless software control and nearly infinite customization
  • Uniquely shaped, custom engineered light guide creates stunning visual effects, with uniform light dispersion
  • Compatible with all HUE 2 controllers and accessories.
  • Daisy chain and group fans together for additional lighting effects
  • PWM fan with optimized cooling and whisper-low 22 dBA
  • Fluid dynamic bearing engineered to last over six years
  • *HUE 2 supports up to a maximum of 40 LEDs per channel, five Aer RGB 2, or six HUE 2 accessories total.
Product description

Integrating seamlessly into the HUE 2 ecosystem, Aer RGB 2 fans deliver optimal airflow and advanced lighting customizations. Connect up to five fans per channel or mix-and-match with any HUE 2 accessory* in any channel and synchronize them using CAM for amazing lighting effects that work in perfect harmony. With fluid dynamic bearings and winglet tips, Aer RGB 2 fans offer enhanced cooling while minimizing noise.

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