CPU LIQUID COOLER (ระบบระบายความร้อนด้วยน้ำ) COUGAR HELOR 360

CPU LIQUID COOLER (ระบบระบายความร้อนด้วยน้ำ) COUGAR HELOR 360

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DIMENSION 394 X 120 X 27 MM
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CPU LIQUID COOLER (ระบบระบายความร้อนด้วยน้ำ) COUGAR HELOR 360

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Water Block & Pump
Dimensions (WxDxH): 81.8 x 94.8 x 78.3 mm
Cold Plate Material: Copper with Nickel Plating
Pump Speed: 2700 ± 10% R.P.M
Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
Rated Current: 0.28 A
Power Consumption: 3.36 W
Cable Length: Pump power: 300 mm / LED power: 600 mm
Connector & Control: 3 Pin Fixed Speed
Lights: 12 Addressable RGB LEDs (5V)
Type: 240mm 360mm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 277 x 120 x 27 mm 394 x 120 x 27 mm
Material: Aluminum
Material: Durable Rubber with Sleeves
Length: 360 & 400 mm
Fan Model: Vortex Omega 120
Fan Quantity: 2 3
Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Bearing Type: Hydro-Dynamic Bearing
Fan Speed: 600-1800 ± 200 R.P.M
Air Flow: 78.4 CFM (Max.)
Air Pressure: 2.4 mm-H2O (Max.)
Acoustic Noise: 37.1 dBA (Max.)
Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
Rated Current: 0.32 A
Power Consumption: 3.84 W
Cable Length: Fan power : 600 mm / LED power : 600 mm
Connector & Control: 4 Pin PWM
Lights: 10 Addressable RGB LEDs (5V)
Product description


The Perfect Water Block: Durable and Convenient

The Helor Series’ Water Block packs together all the reliability and performance you expect from a high-end CPU cooler with a big transparent window to admire the lighting effects and check the coolant level.

Dynamic RGB Lighting

The Addressable LEDs in the water block and the fans provide a memorable lighting spectacle that will raise your computer to the category of an art piece.

Motherboard Synchronization + Core Box v2

Two ways to control this RGB powerhouse: with the included Core Box v2 and a remote controller, you have access to 100 preset RGB lighting effects. Through 3-pin 5v RGB motherboard synchronization, you can enjoy system-wide RGB effects!

Performance First: Incredible Fans

The included Vortex Omega fans are the best guarantee of excellent airflow. Fan blades 16% longer than those of normal RGB fans and an ultra-broad speed range from 600 to 1800 R.P.M meet a powerful RGB backlight system to create the perfect cooling device.

Legendary Cooling

The Helor series’ advanced design allows it to get heat out of your system at amazing speeds. The union of the Vortex Omega fans’ spectacular performance, a radiator with enhanced fin thickness and the water block’s high efficiency in transferring heat to liquid allows it to make overheating a thing of the past.

Sleeved and Extended Tubing

Built with carefully chosen materials to guarantee optimal performance, Helor Series’ sleeved and extended tubing is prepared to perform at the highest level for years while keeping evaporation under control.





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