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WIRELESS USB ADAPTER (ยูเอสบีไวไฟ) ASUS [USB-N13] N300

WIRELESS USB ADAPTER (ยูเอสบีไวไฟ) ASUS [USB-N13] N300

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INTERFACE : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

WIRELESS USB ADAPTER (ยูเอสบีไวไฟ) ASUS [USB-N13] N300

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Network Standard : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Interface : USB 2.0
Data Rate : 802.11 b/g/n : downlink up to 300 Mbps, uplink up to 300 Mbps (20/40MHz), 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac : downlink up to 150 Mbps, uplink up to 150 Mbps (20/40MHz)
Antenna : 2 x on-board PCB antenna
Operating Frequency : 2.4 GHz
Operation Channel : 11 for N. America, 14 Japan, 13 Europe (ETSI)
Security : 64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPS support
Management : Software AP (Win XP, Vista, Win 7), Xlink Kai (Win XP), Power Saving Mode
Output Power : b mode : 17 dBm, g mode : 15 dBm, n mode : 14 dBm
Utilities : Mobile control center, Wireless setting, Mobile manager, Site survey, WPS Wizard
Certificates : CE, FCC, C-Tick, IC, NCC, Wi-Fi
Dimensions : 70 x 22 x 10 ~ mm (LxWxH) (Without Bezel)
Weight : 9.1 g (Device Only)

Product description

Powerful Connection On-The-Go
ASUS USB-N13 gives you a powerful and on-the-go connection with its hassle-free setup. Its specially-designed internal antenna provides wireless speed up to 300Mbps and wireless coverage of up to 300 meters. It also provides you with Software AP and Xlink Kai applications and supports multiple OS including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Moreover, the WPS button of USB-N13 allows you to set up a fast, stable, and secured network in just two steps! The transmission quality and excellent features make USB-N13 a great choice for simultaneous downloads, online gaming, and video streaming.

300 Mbps Wireless-N
With MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, USB-N13 provides you up to 300Mbps high speed trasmission and wider coverage.

EZ WPS Wi-Fi Setup-Simply Insert, Simply Connect
Simply insert USB-N13 into your computer's USB port and hit on the WPS button on both your USB-N13 and router. In just two steps, a secure and protected wireless connection setting is done!

Software AP-2-in-1 Device for Wireless Connection Sharing
When you are in business trip and would like to share your Internet access, the USB-N13 build-in software AP enables you to create a small WLAN environment and connect to the Internet via ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Its ACL (Access Control List) and ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) let you easily manage your access authority and quickly enable your PC into a wireless access point.

PSP Xlink Kai Support
Xlink Kai is free software that enables PSP gamers to play system-link games via the Internet instead of via the LAN (Local Area Network. You only need to enable "PSP Xlink Mode"" on ASUS utility, and then you can enjoy the games wirelessly with worldwide games through Xlink server.

*Team XLink is a collaborate project of gaming enthusiasts that offers software and services free of charge for console gameplay over the Internet. Visit teamxlink.co.uk to learn more and to join the XLink community.

Support Multiple OS - Windows, Mac and Linux
USB-N13 supports most OS, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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อ้างอิงจาก : https://www.asus.com/

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ใช้แล้วหลุดประจำ ผมกลับไปใช้ DLINK อันเก่าผมไม่เคยหลุดเลย เปลี่ยนมาเป็นอันนี้ หลุดแล้วหลุดอีก ทำยังไงก็ไม่หาย
14 Apr 2020
By ผู้ไม่ประสงค์ออกนาม
ดีมากเลยครับ ไม่ร้อนแล้วหลุดเหมือน Dlink ใช้แล้วอารมณ์เสีย ผมใช้อุปกรณ์ของ ASUS สินค้าดี เกรดมาตรฐานของสินค้าดีกว่าทุกแบรนด์ที่เคยใช้ ชอบมากๆครับ
8 Jun 2020
เมื่อเทียบกับแบรนด์อื่น อย่าง TotoLink ASUS ถือว่าคุณภาพแย่สุดๆ เท่าที่เคยเจอมา ใช้งานไปไม่ถึง 3 นาที ก็หลุด ทั้งๆ ที่เน็ตไม่ได้มีปัญหาใดๆ