500 GB SSD (เอสเอสดี) HP S700 SATA (2DP99AA-UUF)

500 GB SSD (เอสเอสดี) HP S700 SATA (2DP99AA-UUF)

Sub description

Capacity : 500 GB
Read Speed/Up to : 560 MB/s
Write Speed/Up to : 515 MB/s

500 GB SSD (เอสเอสดี) HP S700 SATA (2DP99AA-UUF)

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500.00 GB
ขนาด SSD
2.5 inch
Sequential Read (up to)
Up to 560 MB/s
Sequential Write (up to)
Up to 515 MB/s
Random Read (up to)
75k IOPS
Random Write (up to)
90k IOPS
interface connector
SATA 3.0
3 Years
Product description

HP SSD S700 series will help to protect and transfer your data files. The power consumption is less than 5mW under device sleep mode, which significantly saves system power consumption in standby status and achieves both speed and endurance. HP S700 series can help your laptop battery last longer. No moving parts within the SSD can keep your computer operating at a lower temperature and achieve nearly noiseless operation.

Protect your data files with the HP SSD S700 series
By using 3D NAND Flash and three-dimensional stacking method, HP S700 series can provide higher storage density and capacity and is more reliable and durable compared with traditional 2D NAND Flash [1].

Better performance, more durable
The advanced wear overall balancing algorithm of HP S700 series increase the TBW (Total Bytes Written) and improve the durability of SSD, which fully meet the users requirement for design, video editing, games programming, office and various storage applications.

Higher-order LDPC error correction, more secure and reliable storage
HP S700 series supports LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) error correction mechanism. It can do high speed parallel decoding, real-time error correction, which ensures the security and integrity of data transmission; avoids performance degradation resulting from long-term use; provides long lasting high speed read and write performance.

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