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POWER LINE (เพาเวอร์ไลน์) D-LINK PACK 2 AV500 DHP-P308AV

POWER LINE (เพาเวอร์ไลน์) D-LINK PACK 2 AV500 DHP-P308AV

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LAN : 1 X 10/100 Mbps PORT
Product is in 2-hour delivery. Additional charge 500 Baht. Only in Bangkok and Metropolis area.

POWER LINE (เพาเวอร์ไลน์) D-LINK PACK 2 AV500 DHP-P308AV

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Product description


  • IEEE 802.3
  • IEEE 802.3u
  • Powerline interface compatible with IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV


  • 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Port with auto MDI/MDIX
  • Powerline interface through power plug
  • Passthrough socket enables you to plug a device into adapter


  • 128-bit AES Data Encryption
  • Simple Connect Button to activate Powerline encryption

The DHP-P308AVP owerline A V500 Passthrough Mini Adapter, compliant with the HomePlug AV standard, uses your home’s existing electrical wiring to create a network or extend your existing
network.1 It turns every power outlet into a network connection to access digital media devices, game consoles, print servers, computers, and network storage devices throughout your home.

Ideal for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications
The DHP-P308AV features Powerline AV500 enabling it to deliver data at high speeds and with better coverage than regular Powerline AV products. This rapid transmission speed makes it ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications, providing smooth HD video streaming, VoIP calls, and lag-free online gaming experiences. This device provides ample network bandwidth, enabling you to tap into your home’s existing electrical wiring for high-quality multimedia streaming. The DHP-P308AV also supports Quality of Service (QoS), which allows for prioritization of multimedia traffic over other types of traffics on your network connection.

Convenient Setup and Secure Operation
Setting up a DHP-P308AV is as simple as plugging it into a power outlet and connecting your device. The built-in Passthrough socket enables you to plug a device into the adapter your Powerline connection. Extend your home network by connecting multiple devices in the farthest corners of your home, or for additional connectivity, attach a switch or wireless access the simple push of a button. The adapter implements 128-bit AES data encryption to protect your network from unauthorized wire tapping. With hassle-free plug and play installation and easy security setup, the DHP-P308AV is an ideal solution for creating a wall-to-wall home

อ้างอิงจาก : https://www.dlink.co.th/

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