XPLOVA (เซ็นเชอร์จับจังหวะความเร็ว) ANT+ SPEED-CADENCE SENSOR XA-CS2 [RT_S01] (ZC.T01TA.12X)

XPLOVA (เซ็นเชอร์จับจังหวะความเร็ว) ANT+ SPEED-CADENCE SENSOR XA-CS2 [RT_S01] (ZC.T01TA.12X)

Sub description

Cadence and speed combo sensor ANT +.
Easy to install.
Suitable for all types of frames and bicycles.
ใช้เวลาจัดส่งสินค้า 3-5 วัน ไม่เข้าร่วมจัดส่งด่วน 2 ชั่วโมงและ 3 ชั่วโมง

XPLOVA (เซ็นเชอร์จับจังหวะความเร็ว) ANT+ SPEED-CADENCE SENSOR XA-CS2 [RT_S01] (ZC.T01TA.12X)

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Device Weight : 25g
Wireless connection specification : 2.4G ANT+
Button : Reset button
Indicator lights : Two-color LED sensor display: red/cadence sensor; green/speed sensor.
Water resistance rating : IPX6 water resistant
Batteries : CR-2032
Battery life : 500 days/1 hour per day
Components : Sensor x1, speed magnet x1, cadence magnet x1, adhesive rubber pads x2, 3.6 mm ties x2, 2.5 mm ties x4.

Product description

Your best training aid: get the perfect cadence


  • Records your cycling cadence and speed, enabling you to analyze your training results.
  • Easy to install and compatible with bike frames of all sizes.
  • Provides accurate riding mileage to help you pace your ride effectively and achieve optimal riding state.
  • Improves riding efficiency and increases cardio-respiratory capacity
  • Speed sensor supplies correct riding mileage
  • The unique "Reset" button makes it easy to install and pair
  • With ultra-low energy consumption, the ANT+ protocol provides 2.4G wireless communication without the need to charge or replace batteries frequently.


Using the ANT+ speed-cadence sensor XA-CS2, you can find the perfect cadence: one that's comfortable, but still provides some resistance. It can help you improve your riding efficiency and cardio-respiratory capacity. Indoor or outdoor, the XA-CS2 sensor will always give you accurate riding mileage, helping you pace your ride effectively and achieve optimal riding state.




Find your perfect cadence
Why need to know cadence:
Too high: Quickly causes breathlessness, while also making it difficult to increase speed.
Too low: Also referred to as "mashing"; this increases stress on your knees and lactic acid tends to build up in the muscles.
Perfect cadence: Comfortable with moderate resistance, improves riding efficiency and increases cardio-respiratory capacity.




Speed sensor
Whether you are practicing indoor, or exploring outdoor, the XA-CS2 will always provide you with accurate riding mileage and speed data. It's your best training aid.




Product Features
Simple installation. Easy to install on bicycles of all sizes

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