6 TB HDD (ฮาร์ดดิสก์) WD ULTRASTAR DC HC310 7200RPM SATA3 (HUS726T6TALE6L4)

6 TB HDD (ฮาร์ดดิสก์) WD ULTRASTAR  DC HC310 7200RPM SATA3 (HUS726T6TALE6L4)

Sub description

Capacity : 6 TB
Rotation Speed : 7200 RPM

6 TB HDD (ฮาร์ดดิสก์) WD ULTRASTAR DC HC310 7200RPM SATA3 (HUS726T6TALE6L4)

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Product description

Delivering Economics and Access Speed to Data Center Applications and Workloads
As the industry evolves to develop purpose-built solutions for growing data storage requirements, IT managers continue to rely on mid-range capacity drives that are economical to acquire, yet deliver quick and reliable data access for traditional data center applications. Designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year, the Ultrastar DC HC300 series is a proven air-filled design that delivers up to the industry leading 10TB1 of capacity to help address the economic and access-density requirements of many data center workloads. Ideal for storage and server applications, as well as distributed and scalable computing (including block and file storage architectures), the Ultrastar DC HC300 series provides fast 7,200 RPM spindle speeds and is offered in either 6Gb/s SATA or 12Gb/s SAS interface with advanced format 512e2 sector size.


  • 4TB-10TB capacities support both OEM & Cloud deployments
  • Common Hardware & Firmware to minimize redundant testing needs
  • Advanced Format 512e models
  • Self-encrypting drive options
  • 5-year limited warranty

Applications and Workloads

  • Distributed file systems, like Apache Hadoop®, to support Big Data analytics
  • Rack-mounted storage enclosures
  • Server-based distributed storage systems
  • Direct & Network Attached Storage (DAS & NAS)
  • RAID configurations

  1. As used for storage capacity, 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment.
  2. 512e models can be converted to 4Kn format and vice versa
  3. MTBF and AFR specifications are based on a sample population and are estimated by statistical measurements and acceleration algorithms under typical operating conditions for this drive model. MTBF and AFR ratings do not predict an individual drive's reliability and do not constitute a warranty.
  4. Advanced Format drive: 4K (4096-byte) physical sec
  5. Projected performance. Actual performance may vary. 1MiB = 1,048,576 bytes (2^20), 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes (10^6)
  6. SATA models: 8K Queue Depth = 1 @ 40 IOPS, SAS models: 4K Queue Depth = 4 @ Max IOPS
  7. Idle specification is based on use of Idle_A

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