Product claim status

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Claim number
Name - Surname
Claim number Name - Surname Product Name Claim status
Customer agrees to the following terms of service
  • First time, claims department (head office) send SMS to customer by phone number.
  • The second time, when product sent to branches you submitted successfully. A branch official will call the customer again.
  • And the third time, the staff call the final customer. Before the due date of return.
*** Remarks: Customers contact us for product return. Within the specified time period Total duration is not more than 30 days from the first notification date ***
Customer agrees to the following terms of service
  • Notification of the correct name And ID number Or passport number (For foreigners) to repair / claim the product is the most important condition that the customer must perform. Please provide accurate and complete information. For your own benefit
  • The company will deliver the product to the customer who presented the proof only. Passport / ID Card / Passport Pass (for foreigners) must be same as the name in the system only of the company.
  • The customer certifies that the customer is Proprietor By the law. In case the customer has assigned another person to act on it. Shall be deemed to consent to the terms of this service in all respects.
  • Customers must contact us within 15 days From the date of notification from the Company. 1st time claims department (head office) send SMS to customer 2nd time received from the branch by telephone.
  • If the customer does not contact us for a return. After the expiry date of Clause 4, the Company will notify the customer once again. 3rd time to receive product within 15 days. From the date of the company's notification for a total of 30 days.
  • By the end of the 30-day period, the customer will not be able to pick up the goods again. The Company will no longer accept returns. Including the consent to waive the ownership of such goods. The ownership of the company. By the company. Eligible for release Or take any action as the Company deems appropriate, the customer will not claim damages. Or prosecution No matter how civil or criminal the company in any way.
  • The name and telephone number that the customer informs the company. is the correct information. if the company can not contact the customer. According to such data. The customer is already aware of the contact of the company.
  • Customers must check the product. And accessories Complete before leaving the shop. If you sign the receipt, the company will not be responsible for all cases.
Out-of-warranty service Include non-conditional goods (see the topic Product warranty)
  • Products or devices that have been notified as out of warranty. Or a product already out of warranty. Cost of repairs. The customer is responsible for all costs incurred. By the company will let customers know before taking any action at all times.
  • Customers must "agree" within 7 days. from the date of receiving a quote from the Company or from the date appearing in the quotation. In case of "do not agree", the Company will return to its original condition as received.
  • The company is only a middleman in coordination between SUPPLIER and VENDOR to order spare parts to customers. The waiting time depends on the SUPPLIER and VENDOR policies. The customer must agree to the terms of the agreement.
  • All actions This will only happen if the customer has paid all the expenses to SUPPLIER and VENDOR.
In case of product discontinued (EOL) by the manufacturer and there is no product change, the company will return the money at the rate that the company. Defined only
The company is not liable for damages. And data loss Customers must make a backup manually before service.
Shipping Address to Claims department, JIB (Head office)
JIB Computer Group Co., Ltd. (to Claims Department)

No. 21 Phaholyothin Road, Donmueang, Bangkok 10210
Contact 02-791-2000 mobile 081-696-1412, 088-809-3930.

Shipping Advice

1. Wrap product like thick For safety And product damage
2. In front of the box to the claim department (Head office)
3. The customer must provide their name, address, telephone number and contact details. (For shipping back to the customer)
4. Customers must identify the defect of the product to be clear
Damage caused by the delivery to JIB Claims Department is not responsible for any damage.