GRAPHIC TABLET (กระดานกราฟิก) WACOM CINTIQ 22 (DTK-2260/K0-CX)

GRAPHIC TABLET (กระดานกราฟิก) WACOM CINTIQ 22 (DTK-2260/K0-CX)

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GRAPHIC TABLET (กระดานกราฟิก) WACOM CINTIQ 22 (DTK-2260/K0-CX)

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ประเภทของผลิตภัณฑ์ : จอแสดงผลปากกาสร้างสรรค์
หมายเลขรุ่น : DTK2260
ความละเอียด : 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
ขนาดหน้าจอแสดงผล : 476 x 268 มม./18.7 x 10.5  นิ้ว
มุมมองภาพ : 178/178 องศา (ปกติ)
อัตราความเปรียบต่าง : 1000:1 (ปกติ)
Luminance : 210 cd/m2 (ปกติ)
อัตราการตอบสนอง : 22 ms
ช่วงสี :72% NTSC (CIE1931) (ปกติ)
96% sRGB (CIE1931) (ปกติ)
อินพุตกราฟิก : ไม่มี
มัลติทัช : ไม่มี
ปากกา : Wacom Pro Pen 2
ระดับแรงกด : 8192 ระดับ (ปากกาและยางลบ)
ช่วงความเอียงของปากกา : 60 องศา
ความละเอียด : 5080 lpi

Product description

Create in harmony
Wacom Pro Pen 2 and Wacom Cintiq displays (available in 15.6” or 21.5”) work together to make your creative session productive and comfortable. The screen has an anti-glare film, preventing any distracting reflections. The full HD display provides great clarity, so you can see every detail on screen. The reduced parallax also gives you full control, so your cursor is where you expect to be. All this combines to make drawing on Wacom Cintiq feel as natural as drawing on paper.

Unlimited creativity
With EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) technology Wacom Pro Pen 2 will keep going as long as you do. It draws power from your Wacom Cintiq – so it requires no batteries or recharging. Plus, the pen has been precisely designed so that the balance of weight, rubber grip and position of the buttons make it comfortable to use.

Made to move with you
Wacom Pro Pen 2 reacts to the tilt of your hand and immediately responds as you move, capturing every stroke of your pen. With reduced parallax, your cursor appears exactly where you want it.

This level of accuracy combined with the anti-glare screen means that drawing, sketching and painting feels seamless.

The right kind of pressure
With 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a low activation force, Wacom Pro Pen 2 recognizes light pen strokes. Giving you the control you need, whatever the project.

Designed to take you further
Built with Wacom quality and know-how, Wacom Pro Pen 2 and Wacom Cintiq’s slim line display are built not just for beauty, but were designed to last. Made with durable, scratch resistant materials, and high quality components, Wacom Cintiq is a creative tool you can rely on for your first project and all of those to come.


Work your way
Wacom Cintiq 16 features integrated foldable legs so you can go from almost flat to a 19° incline in seconds. An optional stand gives you even more flexible and ergonomic working positions.

Or choose Wacom Cintiq 22 which comes with a stand that easily adjusts to your preferred working position, so you can work in complete comfort.

Little touches make a big difference
The cable connects to the top of the screen and avoids unwanted desk clutter. The 3-in-1 cable* that connects to your Wacom Cintiq 16 combines power, video and data in one.

The detachable pen holder can be easily moved to either side of the display to suit your preference. Spare nibs are also stored neatly inside the pen holder, so whatever the project, the right tool will always be close to hand.

*Cintiq 22 comes with HDMI, USB & power cables.

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