CASE (เคส) IN WIN D-FRAME 2.0 (with 1065W PSU) - BLUE/WHITE

CASE (เคส)  IN WIN D-FRAME 2.0 (with 1065W PSU) - BLUE/WHITE

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CASE (เคส) IN WIN D-FRAME 2.0 (with 1065W PSU) - BLUE/WHITE

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D-Frame 2.0
Open Air
รองรับ Motherboard
ATX , E-ATX , Micro-ATX
Reinforced Steel Tube, Aluminium, Tempered Glass
ขนาด (Dimension)
548 x 264 x 726 mm
Front Panel I/O
1 x USB 3.1 Type-C 3 x USB 3.0 HD Audio
รองรับ VGA ขนาด
VGA Card Length: 350-415mm,VGA Card Height: 173mm
Cooling Fan
2 x 120mm Fan Brackets (Supports 2 x 120mm Fans) 1 x 3-in-1 Fan Bracket (Supports 3 x 120mm Fans) Supports 1 x 360mm Radiator - Front: 90mm Maximum Height including Fans - Bottom: 65mm Maximum Height including Fans
Power Supply ในตัว
จำนวน Watt
1065 W
Product description
D-Frame 2.0
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The design concept for D-Frame 2.0 originates from the freedom, individuality and impulsive nature of off-road motorcycles. The combination of steel tubing, anti-flip foot pads with deep tire treads, a power supply in the shape of an air-cooled engine and tempered glass is perfect fusion of art and technology.

Handcrafted Metallic Tubing Structure

Expertly bent tubing is entirely crafted by human hands. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is used to reinforced stability, and unique electrode position, which creates an ultra-smooth finish! The motherboard mounting tray is sandblasted to achieve a refined metallic texture. 

Innovative Two-Way Open Design with Quick-Release Fasteners

The outer frame features a unique two-way open design. With its quick-release fasteners, D-Frame 2.0 allows for easier assembling and custom display platforms.

Open-Frame Structure with Excellent Thermal Solutions

Open-frame structure improves heat dissipation and airflow is effectively channeled, ensuring excellent ventilated performance.

Customized, Flexible, Versatile Thermal and Hard Drive Modules

Flexible and versatile build options give gamers the freedom to customize their gaming rigs. The HDD and cooling fan can be installed at the front or bottom positions.

Hard Drive Module

Four 2.5”/3.5” multifunctional brackets allows gamers to freely adjust quantity and position.

2.5”/3.5” multifunctional brackets positions may be moved forward and backward.
Multifunctional Bracket x 4
- Supports 2.5"/3.5" HDD x 4
Holes are present on the multifunctional bracket, which can conveniently connect water cooling pumps or other modding purposes.

Thermal Conduction Module

Supports up to five 120mm fans, ventilation for the CPU and hard drive may be freely adjusted.

120mm Fan Bracket x 2
- Supports 120mm Fan x 2
3-in-1 Fan Bracket x 1
- Supports 120mm Fan x 3
- Supports 360mm Liquid Cooling Radiator x 1

Highly Expandable for Superb Performance

Supports the latest high-end graphics cards, CPU heatsink and E-ATX motherboards (12”x13”).

Supports the Latest USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C

The newest USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C is featured in D-Frame 2.0. Experience the rapid transfer speeds, and the convenience of the reversible Type-C connector.

* Actual transmission speed depends on motherboard specifications.

2.0: Whole New Generation

Every detail reflects the aesthetics of craftsmanship.SIII-1065W Transparnt Power SupplyEach D-Frame 2.0 includes a SIII-1065Wpowersupply,which is exclusively designed for D-Frame 2.

Options for Hardware Skins

D-Frame 2.0 comes with three different color options for users to accommodate with the core themed builds. Choose your own color and enjoy the wildest dream!


Black/Gold Platinum



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